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“Regret lacks immediacy, and so its power seldom influences events when it could do some good."

Statistics suggest that American investors are greatly underinsured despite the variety of insurance products available. There are many types of insurance, from auto and homeowners to business continuation and long-term care insurance, but they all share one trait in common; they are designed to replace some type of loss. The loss could be from monetary assets like an income stream or a tangible asset like a home.

At Stifel, we provide a wide variety of insurance coverages that include term life, whole life, variable universal life, variable, fixed, and equity indexed annuities, not to mention long-term care and disability insurance. The proper insurance coverage may provide financial stability to investors with assets and liabilities that need protection.

At some point, you will likely consider estate planning, receive an inheritance, structured settlement, or some other form of sudden wealth and may find it necessary to plan for the transference of this wealth to your heirs. We will work closely with your tax and estate advisors to develop and implement an estate planning strategy that allows you to pass your estate to the beneficiaries of your choice.