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"Give me six hours to cut down a tree and I will spend four hours sharpening the ax.” 
Abraham Lincoln

The art of investment planning is the marriage of thorough preparation and long-term commitment to a disciplined investment strategy. It begins with our first meeting to determine your goals and concerns followed by the development of a comprehensive investment strategy designed to help you pursue your stated goals within realistic risk parameters and time horizons.

Once a strategy is developed, we work closely with you to answer any of your questions and explain how the strategy incorporates the combined investments involved. We then establish a periodic time schedule to call or meet with you to review the overall strategy and its relative performance toward your stated goals and objectives.

The final step in the planning process is the monitoring and adjustment phase, where we review your goals and determine required changes to your investments as warranted by market conditions and the prevailing economic environment. The monitoring phase is an often overlooked but critically important phase of the investment planning process and has been identified as an important benefit to clients. Our systematic approach and personal contact throughout the process is a hallmark of our firm and distinguishes our service.